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  • Natalia Kalinina
    Gynecologist, fertility specialist

    Medical aspect

    Surrogacy is a complex process which involves both specialized medical staff and lawyers specializing in the field of surrogacy, who can guarantee a successful program both for the future parents and the surrogate.

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  • Richard Vaughn

    Legal aspect

    We offer legal assistance throughout the surrogacy process: from the beginning to the end. We can clear all your doubts about the legality of surrogacy in a country selected for your program. We prepare all necessary documentation for the registration of your baby.

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The largest fertility event in London

The Alternative Fertility Show

The Alternative Fertility Show took place on September 24, 2016, in London, UK. Its objective was to aid and inform international individuals who wish to form a family of their own with the use of assisted reproduction techniques.

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Infertility is a serious problem which affects more and more people worldwide. Fortunately, thanks to modern medicine this diagnosis is not a disease. IVF, IVF + ICSI, gametes donation and surrogacy, all these techniques are successfully used to treat infertility. The use of assisted reproduction techniques gives people an opportunity to have a baby genetically related to them even in case of an aggravated diagnosis.

Surrogacy World Wide is an international surrogacy agency which implements surrogacy programs in various countries of the world and helps childless couples, single men and women become parents.

We implement surrogacy programs in the US and Russia. LifeBridge Agency manages and coordinates all steps of the process on the legal as well as the medical level from the very beginning to the very end.

We understand how important psychological support is in surrogacy process, and for this reason we help and support you in every step you do in this journey to realize your dream.

We enjoy a large experience in surrogacy, as we have been implementing programs since last year, helping couples and single persons become happy parents. We are very proud of being helpful in realizing your dream of having a baby and creating a family.