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About us

LifeBridge Agency is an international surrogacy agency. We coordinate and manage surrogacy programs for single persons as well as for couples in various countries.


Our structure

LifeBridge Agency is an international surrogacy agency, which implements surrogacy programs for single men and women as well as for couples in various countries.

Surrogacy is a process consisting of a medical and a legal part. We offer support in the course of all surrogacy process, helping and leading you from selecting a program which meets all your requirements up to obtaining the birth certificate of your baby under your names.

We manage and coordinate all steps of the program and take responsibility for each of them to be fulfilled and implemented properly. Our team comprising professional specialists helps people who experience fertility problems. Our lawyers, fertility specialists, psychologists and programs coordinators have a common goal: the achievement of pregnancy and the birth of a healthy baby.

We can guarantee full support throughout the process irrespective of a country selected for your surrogacy program.

We can help you become parents and make the process happy, quick and easy!

LifeBridge Agency offers legal support at all stages of the surrogacy program from the moment you contact us to obtaining the birth certificate of your baby.

Our lawyers consult you on all legal issues giving you legal support which your case requires. We also provide you with legal support in the country where you decide to have your program implemented in order to facilitate paperwork for it.

We assign a personal coordinator who provides you with regular updates on your program. The coordinator is always available for you. You can contact your coordinator at any moment in case you have questions about your program.

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Associated clinics

The medical part of the surrogacy program is crucial for its successful outcome. For this reason LifeBridge Agency pays special attention to the selection of fertility clinics where IVF and an embryo transfer to the surrogate are performed.

We work exclusively with IVF clinics which have advanced assisted reproduction techniques, high success rates, high pregnancy rates with IVF and a friendly medical staff highly qualified in assisted reproduction so that our clients feel they are in good hands.

In this connection we are glad to say that we are associated with HRC Fertility Center and San Diego Fertility Center in the US and with Nova Clinic in Russia.

There are many other parties involved in the surrogacy program. Except the fertility clinics there are agencies providing egg and sperm donors, agencies proving surrogates, law firms and insurance companies. Coordinating and managing surrogacy programs, LifeBridge Agency selects each of them in order to offer the best services to clients.

Our team

Our team is formed by various professionals and specialists in medicine, law and management. Thanks to our cohesion and our coordination skills we can implement surrogacy programs on international level.

Fertility specialists, lawyers, commercial representatives, consultants and coordinators, we all try our best to make surrogacy programs successful.

  • Anna Karinskaya - Surrogacy program support (Russia)
    Anna Karinskaya
    Surrogacy program support (Russia)
  • Ekaterina Ivanova - Programs coodinator for international clients
    Ekaterina Ivanova
    Programs coodinator for international clients
  • Lisa Lane - Programs coordinator (US)
    Lisa Lane
    Programs coordinator (US)
  • Enrique J. Vila Torres - Lawyer
    Enrique J. Vila Torres
  • Laura Pons Fernández - Commercial representative (Spain)
    Laura Pons Fernández
    Commercial representative (Spain)
  • Richard Vaughn - Lawyer, Legal support (California, US)
    Richard Vaughn
    Legal support (California, US)
  • Dmitriy Rozanov - Lawyer, Legal support (Russia)
    Dmitriy Rozanov
    Legal support (Russia)
  • John G. Wilcox - Fertility specialist, Gynecologist, HRC Fertility Center (California, US)
    John G. Wilcox
    Fertility specialist
    HRC Fertility Center (California, US)
  • Natalia Kalinina - Fertility specialist, Gynecologist, Nova Clinic (Moscow, Russia)
    Natalia Kalinina
    Fertility specialist
    Nova Clinic (Moscow, Russia)


LifeBridge Agency offers the best services, which makes us stand out against ordinary intermediaries in surrogacy. Here are our advantages.


Our team is formed by more than 200 professionals: doctors, lawyers, psychologists and consultants. All and each of them are experienced in the field of surrogacy.

Full legality of surrogacy programs

Transparency of all ascpects of surrogacy programs. We perform a preliminary and an individual study of your case to be able to inform you in details on a surrogacy program which fits best in your case. After that we offer a consultation with our lawyers to clarify all doubts you may have about the program before signing the contract

Cooperation with pioneer IVF clinics

The medical part of the program is performed exclusively in leading IVF clinics in the US and Russia, which have large experience in infertility treatment.

No hidden costs

Once agreed, the price of the program specified in the contract is final. The prices of additional services are also specified in the contract. In case you need these services, the total price cannot be changed. There will be no changes made in the prices after signing.

Compliance with the terms of the surrogacy program

The presentation and the further selection of surrogates, egg and sperm donors is performed in the tightest terms possible, depending on the availability and specifications of the intended parents. This is possible thanks to our large database of candidates and their availability. In the course of the whole process we try our best to make sure that everything is done in compliance with established dates, including the paperwork in the country where the surrogacy program is implemented.

Complete confidentiality

You have an opportunity to meet the surrogate before approving her or you can remain anonymous, letting us supervise the implementation of your surrogacy program and delegating all the rights to our agency, which always protects the confidentiality of our clients’ data.

Personal coordinator’s permanent support

A personal coordinator assigned to coordinate your program provides you with detailed information on the stage your programs is and answer your questions.