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Thoughts about Surrogacy and Public Opinion

It seems that surrogacy presents interest for the mass media. Lately we have seen news and documentaries about surrogacy launched and published, including many famous people going out to the public and talking openly that they turned to surrogacy to have their own children.

However, I believe this information is usually associated with a certain panic based on negative cases – cases, which, on the other hand, result often from an inferior assistance of a surrogacy agency – and some erroneous ideas.

Why Womb to Rent?

First of all, people usually refer to this technique as a womb to rent, a term which contains a strong negative connotation. In reality, nobody let’s anything to rent, it’s the surrogate mother who voluntary decides to help other families to have children. In most cases it’s obvious that remuneration is paid to surrogate, but it’s not so high as some sources say. For this reason it’s very important that the mass media should start calling this technique by its name – surrogacy.

Alternative vision

Another positive aspect is that lately various famous people, like Ricky Martin , Miguel Poveda , or this week Tamara Gorro, have been talking about their surrogacy programs. These faces help humanize surrogacy, but sometimes it’s considered to be an assisted reproduction technique affordable only for famous people, especially, for its prices. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The United States offer elevated costs, and for this reason Surrogacy –www.surrogacybaby.en- offers the other destinations as Russia, with many guarantees at affordable prices.

In this connection we would like to draw your attention to this video on TV3 channel within the program 30 minutes, which, I believe, gives a complete idea of surrogacy to intended parents. It’s this news and documentaries that help the Spanish society get rid of its fear of surrogacy.
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