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We are an international surrogacy agency located in Barcelona, Spain. Our agency plans and coordinates surrogacy programs for clients all around the globe, alongside 3 affiliate clinics in the U.S. and our own FIV clinic in Moscow, Russia.

At LifeBridge Agency…

It’s not unheard of that surrogacy agencies engage in shady activity given the overwhelming amount of legal inconsistencies and grey areas surrounding the procedures, since regulations tend to vary considerably from one country to another. This allows unlawful agencies to profit and even scam unsuspecting clients, by exposing them to false information.

LifeBridge Agency aims to offer its customers absolute clarity and transparency, not only to ensure a conflict-free procedure, but also to maintain a healthy relationship throughout the lengthy process.

At LifeBridge Agency we strive to raise the bar in quality services. We’ve taken upon ourselves to give surrogacy the place it deserves amongst advanced medical procedures, and wipe clean the questionable reputation it holds do to previos unethical practices conducted by dishonorable agencies.

We want to be part of a movement that will inspire new countries into adopting these revolutionary technologies, making it available for a wider range of families and family types.

You're not just a client.

We understand the hardship of not being able to form a family. At LifeBridge Agency we help our clients build the family they’ve longed, and we share the joy of witnessing them hold their baby for the first time. You are not just a client. We feel lucky and blessed by every chance we get to help someone fulfill their dreams.

How does it work?


We arrange an interview over Skype were we introduce ourselves and go over the clients case based on family type and budget, to tailor a procedure to their needs.



A contract is signed by both parties to formalize the program. We consequently send the relevant information to the client to be able to start the donor and surrogate mother selection process.


Once the selection process is finalized, we proceed to work alongside the clinic to engage in the ovary simulation procedure until an egg is successfully transferred to the surrogate mother and the pregnancy is confirmed. The client is updated during each stage and Skype calls are scheduled accordingly.



United States

We work alongside clinics in Idaho, Nevada and California. These states make it easier for gay couples and single parents to register the newborn child, and the overall legal process is simplified.


Russia is limited to married heterosexual couples exclusively, but costs are greatly reduced for the procedures. The entire process is also handled by our clinic, which makes the overall process quicker.



Given that surrogacy is subject to an excessive amount of fluctuating regulations (not to mention the intricacies of the medical procedures) there is a high demand for clarifying information.

Here we present a few of the most frequently asked questions in our line of work.

Is it possible to volunteer as a surrogate mother?

At this time you may only apply to the selection process if you’re a registered national who resides within one of the countries where the program takes place (USA & Russia).

Are there any financing options available?

We currently don’t offer any financing options for any of our procedures. Payments need to be made as the program progresses. more on payments…

Is it possible to ship sperm/eggs to a different country?

Yes, it is possible. This process needs to be done in coordination with a local FIV clinic that offers such service. This procedure is not something that we offer, but we may assist the client with any additional information.

We are truly thankful for LifeBridge’s coordinators, who we now think of as friends, for taking care of us and tending to our every need. They really exceeded our expectations. We are very glad we chose LifeBridge to form our family.

Sergio & Alma

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I did my research and looked at several options. As soon as I spoke to the coordinator who oversaw my case at LifeBridge, I knew they were the right choice to make. I was always made aware of new advancements and kept updated throughout. Thanks LifeBridge!

José Luis

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The Alternative Fertility Show

LifeBridge Agency attends the Alternative Fertility Show 2016 at Royal College of Surgeons, London, UK.

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