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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers


Are there additional costs?

In the course of the medical process there may be some unforeseen situations. In order to show our transparency we specify and inform you on all additional costs which may occur. Once you signed the contract with our agency specifying all the prices included and not included, there will be no changes in the prices without informing you.

What advantages do we have of doing the process with you?


Signing the contract with LifeBridge Agency means that our agency takes the full responsibility before our clients in order to meet all their expectations and render to them all services that we offer. We offer you the best of our services with completely personalized approach and assurance that you need in such an important process as surrogacy.

Trusting in our agency, you can enjoy a number of advantages:

1.​ Large range of egg/sperm donors.

2.​ Immediate availability of surrogates.

3.​ Direct contact with an IVF clinic.

4.​ Weekly reports on the surrogate and the baby’s health state.

5.​ Coordination of the legal process with the help of our lawyer assigned in the country of destination.

6.​ Representation of the rights of the intended parents.

7.​ Coordination of the visits to the maternity clinic, once the baby is born.

8.​ Organization of your travel and your stay in the country where your surrogacy program is implemented.

9.​ Accompaniment by our representative starting from your arrival to the airport to your visits to the clinic, the maternity and other necessary entities in the course of the program.

10.​ Legal support for the registration of the baby in the Civil Registry of Spain.