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Surrogacy is a process in which a woman uses her uterus for the transfer of one or more embryos with who she has no genetic link. After the birth of the baby, she renounces to all her rights on the new born in favor of the intended parents.


What is surrogacy

Surrogacy is an assisted reproduction technique (ART) which implies the making of embryos through in vitro fecundation with the eggs of the biological mother (or donor) and the sperm of the biological father (or donor). Then, a transfer of one or more embryos is made to the uterus of a woman who accepts to bear the fetus during all the pregnancy. The surrogate mother renounces to all her rights on the new born and remits it to the intended parents. After the birth, the baby goes with the intended parents, who will register their names as the biological parents on the birth certificate.

The surrogate mother has to go through a series of requirement and preliminary (compulsory) medical tests that certify her good health along with her physical and mental health.

Depending on the country, the requirements to be a surrogate mother can change, including being more demanding in regards to the age and the marital status of the candidates.

It’s important to know that the surrogate mother has no genetic link with the baby and cannot use her own eggs for fecundation. She bears the baby.

How it works

First, you need three persons in the process:

Sperm donor

Egg donor

Surrogate mother

First is the preparation of the sperm sample of the intended father or donor, in order to inseminate the eggs of the intended mother or the egg donor. The result of In Vitro fecundation are embryos, from which a specialist will select the most proper ones to be transfer to the uterus of the surrogate mother. If the process goes well, the embryo attached to the uterus with success. The pregnancy goes on and ends with the birth of the baby.

LifeBridge Agency is associated with surrogate mothers’ agencies which guaranties the health of the surrogate physically and mentally. These surrogate mothers have all passed the medical and psychological tests, plus another test from our own agency, in order to offer our clients the best guarantee. We assure you that each surrogate candidate that we offer you are dedicated to collaborate in the whole process of surrogacy program.

The In Vitro fecundation process, IVF, takes place in one of the fertility clinics we work in collaboration with. We are associated with different fertility clinics in each destination where we have surrogacy programs. In the United States, we collaborate with HRC and SDFC.In Russia we are associated with Nova Clinic.

During the whole period of pregnancy, the surrogate mother is under the medical check of one specialist in order to control the good continuity of the pregnancy. The intended parents receive detailed information from all the tests made to the surrogate mother and the baby, directly from the personal coordinator that was assigned to them at the beginning of the program. Their personal coordinator is available for them at all time during the program, in order to help them and inform them about every details. He is their direct contact and guide.

At the last step of the pregnancy, the intended parents have to travel in order to assist to the birth of the baby at least two weeks before the date of birth of the baby. The new born is put in the intended parents arms in order to solidify the bond between them.

If the intended parents have started a fertility treatment in one clinic and that they have the biological material frozen, or if they prefer to start the stimulation in their fertility clinic in their own country, LifeBridge Agency offers the possibility to collaborate with the clinic that is treating them.

Therefore, all the stimulation cycles of the surrogate mother, the freezing of the biological material, including the IVF and the embryos freezing will all take place in that clinic. After that, LifeBridge Agency will manage the transportation of the biological material to the foreign clinic that was selected by the parents and where the surrogacy program will take place.

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Surrogacy gives people the chance to have biological children when it’s physically impossible for them. It is used in case the heterosexual couple cannot conceive a baby or get pregnant and bring it to term. It can be for cause of infertility, sickness and if it implies risk for the mother and the baby. It can also be for homosexual couples, or single women and single men who wants to be parents.

For a lot of couples, this is the ultimate way, after many failed attempts of fertility treatments and assisted reproduction.

Natalia Kalinina
Gynecologist specialized in reproduction

Legal Aspects

The acceptance of surrogacy on the social and legal levels, is very different and vary depending on the country and culture.

LifeBridge Agency only proceed with surrogacy programs in those countries where the legislation is in favor of surrogacy.

  • In Russia, surrogacy (including the commercial one), is permitted and is based on:
  • The basic laws of the Russia Federation “about the protection of the public health” (v. 35);
  • The Russia Federation Family Code (Paragraph 4 of article 51, paragraph 3 of article 52);
  • The Federal law “On Marital Status” № 143-FZ (paragraph 5 of article 16).

These laws specify that in Russia, surrogacy can only be used for legal practice, where the person with medical reasons have to justified the fact that they cannot have children in a natural way. The marital status of the biological parents is not taking into consideration. Therefore, in Russia, the following people can proceed with surrogacy:

  • Heterosexual couples (married or not officially);
  • Single women
  • In the United States, each State has its proper laws that are independent from the more general laws. Regarding the laws that regulate surrogacy, California has laws that are completely in favor of surrogacy, independently of marital status and sexual orientation of the intended parents. These laws are also excellent for the surrogate mothers. For these reasons, our programs take place in that State. Here are the people who can proceed with surrogacy in the USA:
  • Heterosexual couples, married or not;
  • Homosexual couples, married or not;
  • Single men and women;
  • VIH+ patients

En LifeBridge Agency les proporcionamos asistencia legal tanto en España como en el país donde realizamos los programas para asesorarles y gestionarles toda la parte legal que implica un programa de subrogación.

The legalisation of surrogacy in other countries increased the number of children registered in many countries like Spain and France.

Richard Vaughn
Lawyer (collaborator)


The signature of the contract with LifeBridge Agency means that our agency commits itself completely to accomplish all the services we are offering. We offer the best service, with a special personalized attention and with the security that the client needs during an important process such as surrogacy.

  • We have a complete commitment with our client that starts with the assignment of a personal agent who is in charge of coordinating the whole process and offering an excellent assistance 24 hours.
  • We work hand in hand with fertility clinics, surrogate mothers’ agencies and donors, law firms and other entities who participate in the programs, and all of them are references in USA and Russia. We assure the best service to our clients, both on professional and human aspects in all these countries.
  • As mentioned, we assign an agent in the destination where the program will take place, in the USA or Russia. This agent will be in charge of coordinating the program and accompany the client during his stay in the chosen country. It is essential for us that the client feels support and comfort all the time, especially in the steps outside his country of residence.
  • We support our customers and face with them any possible complications on medical or legal levels; then, we find the best solution for each situation.
  • We assure legal advice through our lawyers in the customer’s country of residence and where the programs take place. This makes the legal procedure a lot easier.
  • The surrogate mother renounces to her rights on the baby. Afterwards, the rights are completely remitted to the intended parents.
  • Court ruling which recognizes the intended parents as biological parents, in the relevant cases.
  • Obtention of the birth certificate.
  • Registration of the baby in the civil register of USA and Russia.
  • The client’s consulate in USA or Russia gives the nationality to the baby.
  • American passport.
  • Registration of the baby in the civil register of the intended parents’ country.
  • We inform the client about the monitoring and evolution of the pregnancy through monthly reports, details about analysis, echography, etc. of the surrogate mother and the baby.
  • We share the joy of our clients for making their dream come true and becoming parents!


LifeBridge Agency wants to offer the best service who makes us different from ordinary intermediates in surrogacy. For this, we provide our clients with a series of advantages.


Our agency consists of more than 200 professionals, including doctors, clinics, lawyers, psychologists and consultants. Each one of them is fully experience in the field of surrogacy.

Complete legality for surrogacy programs

Transparency in all parts of the programs. We first study the client’s case in a personal way in order to inform him in details about the best surrogacy program to fit his needs. Then, we offer the client the possibility of consulting our lawyers about any doubts he would have before signing the contract.

Cooperation with pioneer clinics in assisted reproduction

The medical part of the programs takes place only in the principal centers of assisted reproduction who have great experience in the treatment of fertility; this means in USA and Russia.

Biological material transportation

We are available to organize the biological material’s transportation by air in the country where the program takes place.

No hidden costs

The cost of the program mentioned is definitive once formalized. All the additional costs during the process are mentioned in the program, but the initial costs cannot be changed once you sign the contract.

Compliance of all the deadlines in the program

The introduction and afterwards selection of the surrogate mother, egg/sperm donor takes place in the shortest time possible, depending on the availability and also the specified requirements of the intended parents. However, this is possible due to our wide choice of candidates. During the whole process, we do everything we can to make sure that everything falls in time with the deadlines, including the register process in the destination where the surrogacy takes place.

Complete anonymity

The client has the possibility to know the surrogate mother directly before the selection or he can choose to keep complete anonymity. The client delegates all rights and control to our agency regarding the execution of the surrogacy program. We always guarantee confidentiality of private information.

Continuous support from the personal coordinator

The personal coordinator assigned to the client’s program will provide detailed information about all the steps in a surrogacy program and will answer any questions the client would have about it.